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Ball Pits

Type Of rental Size Amount Of Balls Included Items
Small Ball Pit 2m by 2m
by 0.5m(H)
5,000 Balls Cushion Wall,
Cushion Stairs,
Cushion Floor
Large Ball Pit/Mat 4m by 2.5m
by 0.5m(H)
8,000 Balls Cushion Wall,
Cushion Stairs,
Cushion Floor/ Play
Giant Ball Pit/Mat 5m by 4m
by 0.5m(H)
15,000 Balls Cushion Wall,
Cushion Stairs,
Cushion Floor/Play
MEGA Ball Pit/Mat
(Blue Inflateable Ball Pit Mat)
12m by 6m
by 0.5m(H)
38,000 Balls Inflateable Wall,
Cushion Stairs,
Cushion Floor/Play
Balls Rental 7cm Rainbow Balls
(min 1000 balls)
7cm plastic rainbow balls
LED  Ball Pit Custom Size
(Any Size)
4,000 Balls
100,000 Balls
Cushion Wall,
Cushion Stairs,
Cushion Floor/Play

Ball Pit Rental Singapore

Our top quality ball pit are available to rent for birthday party, corporate event, family day fun, picnic and for weddings or any other functions where children need to be kept busy and entertained for hours.

We deliver across Singapore and all our equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized immediately after every use. We pride ourselves in providing good and healthy fun indoors and outdoors.

Suitable For :

- Indoor/Outdoor : Yes

- No power point needed : Yes

- Ultra Shine Technology : Yes

- Works even under bright light : Yes

- Safe for kids : Yes

LED Pit Rental

As a market leader in Ball Pit Rental, Carnival rental aims to be the best and provide the best experience and solution to our clients. The first and only Company in Singapore to provide Ultra vivid and colorful LED ball pit for rent. Unlike traditional Led ball pits which cannot shine under bright room lighting, our Led ball pit promise to shine brightly and vividly using Ultra Shine technology.

You would not need to worry about having to have extra power points ready or worry if there are any power points available as well as our system runs entirely by itself.

Call : Ken - 92266495 , Joel - 91697979

Cheap Ball Pit Rental

Our Ball Bit Rental Rates are one of the cheapest in the market. If you are looking for cheap ball pit rental , you can contact us. We have more than 100,000 balls in our inventory. 

We are experience in custom fabrication for ball pit activation as well. If you have a space and would like us to custom make a ball pit for you, contact our in house designer today! Our ball pit are cleaned after every event and we provide on the spot cleaning as well for customers who take for longer periods. Our ball pits are safe and clean and are in perfection conditions. We have many colors to choose from as well.

Big Ball Pit Rental

Our Ball pit fence comes in a number of colors and sizes, you can request to mix and match the color or request us to custom a shape or custom brand on to the fence of the ball pit. 

Our Ball pit for rent comes with fence of different material and texture. We have Foam and Cushion type of fencing. We are able to provide you with the most honest recommendations as we are very experience in ball pit handling. When you engage us for your ball pit rental needs, you know you are in good and safe hands. 

Ball Pit Gallery

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