Nanyang Polytechnic Open house 2019! Led Ball Pit

Nanyang Polytechnic Open House 2019!!! As one of the leading Polytechnic in Singapore. In order to show their vibrant and diverse culture, we were invited to set up our ever famous LED Ball pit. But this time rather than Balls something else was placed in the ball pit.

We first started out laying the grounds to mark the sizing of the ball pit.

custom ball pit rental.jpeg

Next we then started to assemble the pit and started to pump the mysterious item.

ball pit singapore rental.jpeg

Knowing that this event meant alot to Nanyang Polytechnic. We began to be creative.

ball pit rental singapore.jpeg

After 1 hour of assembling the ball pit fence and trying to custom brand the ball pit. I bet up till this stage you would not know what this is.

nanyang poly ball pit rental.jpeg

It took us many many hours and tons of creativity before finally we kind of got it to look how we wanted it to look. hahahahaha. Then in goes the balloons! NYP!!!! hahaha we did not expect it to turn out like this! hahahaha.

But still we were not happy with the result and back to the drawing block!

big ball pit rental.jpeg

And now we present to you. Carnival Rental Special Custom Build Ball Pit with custom branding. Check out the promotional video as well and be surprise how this Custom Ball Pit actually turned out!

joel tan